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Islamic Divorce

An Islamic marriage is recognised as a legal marriage by Sharia Law, however if parties enter into an Islamic marriage in the UK they also have to formally register their marriage to be considered legally married in the UK.

Islamic Divorce

To completely legally end an Islamic marriage, parties will have to formally divorce in a UK court, as well as obtaining a Sharia divorce from the Sharia Council – this is called a Talaq by males and a Khul’a by their female counterparts. Couples who are ending an Islamic marriage may have a connection to another country or may have married abroad which may lead to some legal complexity.


Our team of specialists at Family Law Experts can assist you in your Islamic divorce, supporting you every step of the way. We can advise you on the process and procedure of obtaining an Islamic Divorce and can conduct divorce proceedings in the UK on your behalf. Our expert team is culturally sensitive and aware of issues that may surround an Islamic divorce and seek to assist you as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Financial Settlements

Like all couples experiencing divorce, parties may be eligible for a financial settlement under UK Law. Females in an Islamic marriage are also entitled to a mandatory financial settlement (called a Mahr). Those ending an Islamic marriage may also have international assets or interests they want to protect.

As experts in financial matters, our team can safeguard your financial interests – including any international assets, can assist in securing a Mahr and can help you to obtain the fair financial settlement you deserve.