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International Prenuptial Agreements

Before entering into a marriage or Civil Partnership, parties can protect their assets and interests by making a prenuptial agreement. This details how their finances will be divided in the event of separation.

Prenuptial agreements can also be made after a marriage but are called postnuptial agreements.

Benefits to a Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement is an essential tool for all couples who want to secure their financial future and can used to protect all types of financial interests, no matter how big or small. They can also help to avoid costly divorce proceedings by setting out in advance how asses should be divided in the event of a split. A prenuptial agreement is particularly important when there is an international element to a marriage as there may be complex or international assets and interests that need to be safeguarded.

When can a Prenuptial Agreement be used in a UK Court?

If parties take legal advice, freely enter into and fully understand an agreement they make more than 21 days before a marriage, the UK courts will be able to take it into account when deciding on financial matters.

International Prenuptial Agreements

As people increasingly have ties to multiple countries, there may be an international element to a prenuptial agreement. This can add another layer of complexity as there is no universal standard and different countries will have different laws and legal processes for creating a valid agreement.


Our skilled specialists regularly work in collaboration with lawyers from other countries on matters that have an international element and can guide you through international prenuptial agreement procedures. We can also advise you how an international agreement may be considered by a UK court. We can also check and amend an existing agreement or can draft you a new one to ensure its validity.