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International Divorce


Anyone considering divorce will require legal assistance – they may need advice about the divorce process, assistance acquiring a favourable financial settlement or need help to obtain the child arrangements which meet the needs and interests of their family.

For circumstances with an international dimension the process can become even more complex – there may be a number of options in terms of the country in which the divorce can be started and there may be international or complex assets or interests, or cross-border issues relating to children.

Our expert team is deeply understanding of the sensitive and private nature of divorce and will support you throughout your international divorce, however complex it may seem at the beginning, to reach the right outcome for you and your family.

Where should you begin divorce proceedings?

Due to increasing international ties, more and more couples have the right to get divorced in multiple countries. Different countries have different laws and court procedures – this can lead to dramatically different legal outcomes. It is essential to seek legal advice immediately if you think you may have the option to divorce in more than one country.

We will listen to your situation carefully and talk you through the possibilities – we always advise and guide our clients through the course of action best suited to them, ensuring they have the option to commence divorce proceedings in the country most favourable to them.

It will often be best for a party to divorce in England as the process is swift, provides a favourable financial settlement compared to many other jurisdictions and allows the couple to maintain a high level of privacy. There is rarely the need to actually attend Court in relation to a divorce in England.


After a separation, couples may be unable to agree about child_airportchild arrangements, particularly where there is an international element, e.g. one person wishes to move abroad and take the child or children with them. We can advise on whether this is possible and the best way to approach the matter to achieve your aim.

Whether part of a divorce, or as a stand-alone issue, our expert team can advise on all aspects relating to arrangements for children and help you achieve the arrangements that are best for your family.