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Child Matters

Family Law Experts are specialists in complex and international child law cases. We can advise on international custody and residence, child arrangements after a separation or divorce, child maintenance and the acquisition of parental responsibility.


We can act on behalf of parents located in the UK and abroad and are committed to the rapid resolution of cases through negotiation as we believe this is in the best interests of the child. However, if you do need to go to court we can build a strong case on your behalf and have close links with some of London’s best barristers.

Arrangements for Children

Whilst some parents are able to make their own child arrangements after a separation or divorce, many parents require legal help. Where an agreement cannot be obtained informally, a Child Arrangements Order can be sought. This sets out formally where a child should live and where they should spend their time. The terms of the Order can subsequently be enforced in court.

Our skilled specialists will be able to advise you what action is appropriate for you and can explain how to go about obtaining informal or formal child arrangements, even if there is international complexity. We will do our utmost to robustly negotiate an advantageous child arrangement for you out of court or alternatively will help you to receive a favourable Child Arrangements Order from the court or an international legal alternative.

Maintenance for Children

The law always considers parents to be financially responsible for their children, even if they have no contact. Child maintenance is usually paid by the parent who the child doesn’t live with most of the time (the ‘Non-Resident Parent’). This amount is usually based on their income. Formal bodies such as Child Maintenance Options can be used to calculate statutory maintenance (the legal minimum). Parties can also come to their own arrangements if they wish to do so, alternative or supplementary to statutory maintenance.

Our team of experts can assist you in all child maintenance matters in the UK and abroad. We can help you negotiate an agreement with your ex-partner or can apply for an existing agreement to be changed. Our team of specialists can also help you to receive to payment of child maintenance from a non-paying ex-partner.

In certain cases it is possible to apply for a property or lump sum payment Order on behalf of a child. Our solicitors are experienced in applying for this type of Order.

Acquiring Parental Responsibility

A Parental Responsibility Agreement allows a person to child_on_backbecome the legal parent of a child, making them legally responsible for a child’s welfare and enabling them to make important decisions.

Our team of experts can explain the process and procedure of acquiring Parental Responsibility. We can also advise and assist you in attaining Parental Responsibility – through agreement with a biological parent or an application to the court.